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The documentary "Hop Capital" tells the story of Oregon hop agriculture from approximately 1905-1945. The film focuses on the farmers, businessmen and common workers who harnessed nature and industry, transforming a fertile stretch of the Willamette River into the "Hop Capital of the World."

It was a time when pickers travelled by rail, car and steamboat by the tens of thousands to reach the famous Willamatte Valley hop yards. Bigger yields, better crop and a unique entrepreneurial culture earned the Willamette Valley an international reputation for hops.

The film examines the factors that led to the rise and decline of the hop industry in the Willamette Valley and discusses how the industry and culture, though changed, is alive and well today. Become a Sponsor.

Photos courtesy Oregon State University Archives.

The film will feature many locations in the Willamette Valley to demonstrate the unique hop culture of the area. Some of the cities and towns include Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Silverton, Mt. Angel and St. Paul.

The city of Independence, the largest hop boomtown in the region and self-proclaimed "Hop Capital of the World" will be featured prominantly. Tens of thousands of pickers flocked to the Independence area each year, growers and city officials planned carnivals, parades, contests, dances, boxing matches and celebration as part of their own holiday, the annual "Hop Fiesta."

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Producer: Scott Carver
Email: producer@hopcapitalmovie.com
Phone: 503-871-4120

"Hop Capital" is a full-length documentary being Produced and Directed by Scott Carver under the business name HopCap Movie LLC. Scott is a native of Polk County, he graduated from Central High School in 2001 and studied Journalism at the University of Oregon. If you have any questions about sponsorships or partnerships don't hesitate to call or email.

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If you have information that you think would be relevant to this documetary, please contact the producer. Perhaps you know someone with a wealth of knowledge about hops in the Willamette Valley, or perhaps you own a collection of photographs, original documents, books and newspapers from the years of Oregon's hop boom. We would love to consider your materials for the film.

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